Classes Taught by Jason Locklin

Soft Materials (CHEM 4200/8990, ENGR 4980/8980)

    This course will serve as an introduction to soft condensed matter for students with a background in biological engineering, chemistry, physics, and materials science. It covers general aspects of chemistry, physical properties, structure and dynamics, and applications of soft materials (including polymers, colloids, liquid crystals, amphiphiles, gels and biomaterials). Emphasis is placed on the molecular forces related to self-assembly.
    Topical coverage includes: (a) basic principles of molecular weight and polymer solutions; (b) chemical structure, properties, and morphology of polymers; (c) formation, assembly, phase behavior, and molecular ordering of synthetic soft materials; (d) techniques to characterize structure, phase and dynamics of soft materials; (e) application of soft materials to nanotechnology.
    Recent examples from the literature will be used to illustrate technologically relevant materials in current nanoscience, nanotechnology, and nano-biotechnology, such as block copolymers, thin films, colloidal photonic crystals, micelles, vesicles, hydrogels, photosensitive materials, and materials in soft lithography.

Past Classes

Spring 2011 Organic Chemistry (CHEM 2112)

Fall 2010 Soft Materials (CHEM 4200/8990, ENGR 4980/8980) and Equilibrium Thermodynamics (BCHE 3615)

Spring 2010 Honors Organic Chemistry II (CHEM 2312H/2412)

Fall 2009 Soft Materials (CHEM 4200/8990, ENGR 4980/8980)

Spring 2009 Organic Chemistry (CHEM 2112)

Fall 2008 Soft Materials (CHEM 4200/8990, ENGR 4980/8980)

Spring 2008 Special Topics in Organic Chemistry: Principles of Polymer Science (CHEM 8390)

Fall 2007 Soft Materials (CHEM 4200/8990, ENGR 4980/8980)

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